Invented Again

Episode Two: Rock, Paper, Scissors

May 28, 2020 Matt Sagen Season 1 Episode 2
Invented Again
Episode Two: Rock, Paper, Scissors
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We beat the odds and made a second episode!  Learn why Rock Paper Scissors is a good way of understanding patent strategy, and hear us play IP Snap with two ideas -

  • "App that Identifies Stuff you Point your Camera At"
  • "Magnetic Wearables to Stem COVID"

We also do a "historical" Snap of an invention for turning plastic waste into building blocks for construction and start to see principles emerging - what is the goal of Invented Again and what kind of traits and skills does a person need to help us to help the world be more successful at innovation.

Rock Paper Scissors
IP Snap: App for Identifying what you Point Camera At
IP Snap-like discussion : Building Blocks from Waste Plastic
IP Snap: Wearables for Preventing Spread of Infection
Some Principles for "Lookers"
Outro: "I'm Going Over" by Multiplayer